The EE Framework

PRINCIPLES and Co-learning


Equitable evaluation is grounded in three principles.

As foundations and nonprofits, and the consultants and philanthropy-serving organizations that support them, explore what it means to be about and for equity, they must consider how all their assets and efforts align.

We believe that evaluation for these entities must be re-imagined based on three principles:

Equitable Evaluation Principles

EE Principles.png

To align evaluation practices with an equity approach—and even more powerfully, to use evaluation as a tool for advancing equity—evaluators must simultaneously consider all of these aspects:

  • Diversity of their teams moving beyond cultural to disciplines, beliefs, and lived experiences
  • Cultural appropriateness and validity of their methods
  • Ability of the design to reveal structural and systems-level drivers of inequity (present-day and historically)
  • Degree to which communities have the power to shape and own how evaluation happens

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"The EqM crew reviewed your framing paper when it came out and I am thrilled to say that it has been added to our “must reads” list of our foundational curriculum. Thank you for your incredible thought leadership!"

- Meg Long, President, Equal Measure